Mission Statement

My name is Mary. I am 58 years old and am the daughter of Tresa E. Speer. My residence is in Southern California. March of 2003, my mother went in for surgery that did not have a good outcome. This experience showed me a frightening side of the medical establishment; a side I did not expect or believe could happen but it did. My mission is to raise public awareness on how to become more proactive in your health care choices and to give you other options for determining if a doctor or health care facility is right for you. My hope is by having information; you can make the best-informed medical decisions for yourself and your family members.

The purpose of this support group is to provide and share information with victims and families of medical malpractice and to enable you to navigate through the many unforeseen obstacles you will face in attempting to obtain justice.

The goals of this web site are:

  • To assure you that justice is obtainable.
  • To refer you to available resources.
  • To provide a support system with people who are going through or have been through this devastating experience.
  • To enable you to tell your story, if you choose, to people who fully understand your confusion and emotional pain.

This web site was not erected for the purpose of spreading malice against the medical community. Most doctors are caring individuals, truthful and honorable. We should continue to show respect to those who have earned it but always make sure it is a two-way relationship and nothing is taken for granted. Communication has two voices, the doctor and the patient.

State Medical Boards and Complaints

Most malpractice suits are not reported to the State Medical Boards, complaints and investigations on the doctors is private information, peer reviews by the hospitals regarding doctors is private information and not available to the patient. A hospital privilege record for the doctor is private information. Who if not the patient has a right to know if we are making good choices regarding our medical care? If you want to know if your doctor is suitable for you and if one lawsuit is one too many, you have to go to the Superior Court in the county that they practice in to find out about complaints.

I wonder what State Medical Boards are good for other then finding out if doctors have a medical license.


I realize that you are either a victim or loved one of these devastating circumstances, you are probably confused, in pain, in shock, and most of all angry. You will experience all of these emotions at one time or another.

You may experience many roadblocks by the medical and legal establishments, which unfortunately are designed to dishearten you and make you believe that you are on a rollercoaster and some of the track has not been laid. I want you to know that justice comes in many forms. You may never be able to retrieve a lost or function of a body part or bring back a loved one who you will miss everyday, but in the end, there will be accountability, that is a promise you have to hold on to.

Your journey will start long before the notion of a medical malpractice suit becomes an option. The question in common is what happened and why. It will take time to find answers to these questions. You should be prepared to be involved with your painful pursuit and be prepared to research your condition and its causes. This will give you some control over what is happening to you. Do not give up, fight for what you believe in.

Disclaimer: This website is not intended to give medical or legal advice to anyone. This is one family's experience and the lessons that were learned.
Mary Crabtree
281 997-2844


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